8 interesting facts about dream

1. You will forget almost 90 % of your dream

Dreams that happens in sleep and the process happened unconsciously for 5 minutes before you wake up will be 50% forgotten. By the time pass, 10 minutes after you wake up, when your emotions and awareness back, you will forget 90% of your dreams.

One interesting story about forgetting the dream is a love poem written by famous Samuel Taylor Coleridge. One time, Samuel had a beautiful dream, and after he woke up, he wrote the story in his dream in a beautiful poem on a piece of paper. When his writings reached 54 words, came guests to his home. After he was finished with his guests, he intended to finish the poem, but he couldn’t remember his dream anymore. The poem was never finish and it was titled Kubla Khan. It’s one of the most famous poem in England.

2. Everybody Dreams

Research found that every man dreams, from baby to the oldest man in the earth (except on some serious insanity). But there’s an interesting fact between men and women dream. Research shows that men tend to dream about another men, while women tend to dream about other men and women.

3. Dreams Prevent Emotional Disturbance

Research done by experts on a man that awakened when they started to dream, but still allowed to sleep 8 hours a day for 3 days shows that he become easily get angry, loss concentrate, experience hallucination, and signs of emotional disturbance and other psychologist disturbance. For the conclusions, dreams are useful for releasing stress, tension, and pressure when man is conscious. 

4. Anything We Experienced Affects Our Dreams

It’s called Dream Incorporation. Our dream reflected on the events that happened to us. For example we dream about thirst, and come a bottle of water that we drunk, but we still feel thirsty, and so on for over and over again, and finally we wake up and realize that we are really thirsty.

5. We Are Paralyzed when We Dream

Our body got paralyzed temporarily when we were dreaming. It’s because our body prevents us to move following the dream we had. There’s hormone released when we dreamed, that makes our nerves send the message to the backbone and make us relax and finally paralyzed temporarily.

The Blinds also Dream

People who are blind since they were born also dream. Because they were blind since born, they don’t have database about shape and form of picture, they only dream about sounds, noise, touch, and feelings or emotions. While people who are blind when they had grown up will dream about some memories of pictures that captured while they’re not blind and mixed with sound, noise, touch and feelings.

6. We Only Dream of What We Know

We often dream about location that we don’t know and people we don’t know. But research said that it’s just randomly created by our brain. Brain only reflects anything that has happened to us and regenerates the story with our memory as the source. Our brain dig deep to our memory and our subconscious mind mix it up so we don’t recognize anything that happened in our dream. So, the brain as the director won’t run out of ideas for the story line of your dream as we have seen so many places and faces and lots of other details as you live.

7. Dream is Symbol and Metaphor

Sometimes our brain dig so deep that we can’t believe it. This is what makes our dream is translated as a symbol and many people want to know and interested in the meaning of dreams. It’s believed that our brain translated our memory and realizing it to interesting symbols through the story of our dreams.

8. Is Dream Colorful?

Research found that 12% of normal people and not color-blinded always have a black and white dream. While the rest varies between black and white and colorful dream, like we are watching TV.

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Source : http://www.poztmo.com


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